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Avery Chromo & Indian Chromo:

• For general purpose barcode/variable printing.

Uncoated Chromo / Map Litho: • For address labeling

TT2C (Avery / Indian): • For shipper carton labeling

Direct Thermal: • For POS applications in retai

Removable: • For stain-free applications

Double Release: • For multi-making and multi-tracking application



• Gloss Finished Polyester

• For non-tearable and durable applications Matt Finished Polyester

• For HDFE Drum Label Applications Silver Polyester

• For Instruction / Caution Label applications

• Removable Polyester

• For size marking stain free applications Partial Gumming Polyester

• For Product detailing in jewellery applications

Self Adhesive Label


• For tamper-proof seal applications Void Label

• For security applications

• Ultra-Destructible Labels

• For Asset Tracking Applications

Self Adhesive Label

paper tag

• Paper Tag available from 220-300 gsm in roll format

• Available in plain and coloured

• Suitable for printing on Barcode printers

Self Adhesive Label

Ribbon WAX

• For printing with short life cycle-mailing labels, shipping labels, grocery labels, FMCG products.

• Requires careful handling to avoid smudging.

• Most economical in cost.

Self Adhesive Label


• Gives better image durability, smudge proof printing.

• Withstands multiple scans, rough handling, outdoor elements.

• Ideal for labels with long life cycle, multi-locations movements.

Self Adhesive Label


• Used on non-tearable materials where wax & wax resin cannot be used.

• Gives maximum image durability, withstanding difficult environmental conditions.

• Withstands harsh physical conditions and chemical exposure.

Self Adhesive Label


• Used for wash-care applications on cloth label, taffeta and tough drum label applications.

Self Adhesive Label